How can Nemtek help you with your application development?

We can provide a full service to you, or you can choose to take a selection of our services. Requirements Capture   Within our team we have over 50 years of software developemnt experience to draw on. Using this we are able to help you understand the requirements you have. Programing   If you choose to have an interactive system, we program using the latest PHP5 standard using our own proprietory framework. When we write the software to run your intranet or internet system we always write code in such a way to ensure the look of your system is separated from the underlying business logic. This will ensure that future updates to your application, or even getting a new design will be an efficient and pain free process. This is a really important point as most internet systems or websites have a life cycle of two years, before they will require a new design to freshen up your look and keep your customers returning.  

Database development

  The Database is the part of your system that stores information. We have extreemly close ties with MySQL (The opensource database company). Ensuring that your databases will be efficent, secure, and well structured.
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