What makes our database developments special?

We can develop customised application expertly designed for your needs, whether it be for a one-off project or an on-going system. The application we develop will have your desired look and feel. We take pride in efficient and friendly design of on-screen forms. Your own logo and other chosen images can be incorporated into your application. Our database solutions and business applications are developed either in Microsoft Access or SQL and PHP for fully featured server solutions.. Regardless if you have large or small requirements your needs will be met. We can install your database on a server or networked computer for access by multiple users simultaneously. We can even create different application front-ends so that each user sees only the features or data that they need. For example your access database doesn’t have to look like an Access database! We remove all unnecessary buttons and menu items and create the ones you need for your application. With our Access solutions we can include a run-time version of Access or develop your front-end in Visual Basic. Either way, you don’t even have to buy Microsoft Access to run your database application! Interaction between your Access database and other programs or file types. Especially useful if you need to move data around as a spreadsheet or if you want your database to raise automatic emails.
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